EIN Search

The importance of EIN Search!

There are many web sites wherein you may perform EIN search. These sites have an EIN database and all the tax ids records are available through these websites. Thus the possibility of locating the business verification you are looking for becomes very convenient. EIN search is a convenient way to get the in depth coverage on any EIN data you are looking for.

Applications & Uses of Federal EIN search

  • It’s a very authentic channel to verify the ownership of corporate, location of the business and other business details like SIC, phone etc.
  • One can easily verify and locate for W-9 forms the tax id numbers. These IDs may also be employed in other application forms.
  • Federal EIN search also ensures that one often requires the tax ids of companies one is in business with to be filled in forms and applications.
  • It also checks if the company you are doing business with has ever been a subject to IRS Federal Tax Lien.
  • You can easily know your customer with the search by EIN

The FEIN search is free of cost and one can easily register on the sites providing the FEIN search option. The best part about these searches is that you can search using the phone number, full company name or even by partial company name and even by state, city or the zip number.

TIN Search

TIN or the Tax Information Network, is where you can get tax related information throughout the nation. This is issued on behalf of the income tax department, in order to bring changes in the current system of processing, accounting, managing and collecting of direct taxes. You may search TIN for your state and online you can do a lot using this facility.

By TIN search, one can have the following benefits:

  • Electronic TDS and TCS returns
  • Physical returns
  • New PAN and changes in the existing PAN
  • New TAN and changes in the existing TAN
  • Viewing annual tax statement
  • AIR acceptance
  • Status of quarterly statement

There are many benefits that an EIN search can bring to your business. It could be for your accounts, importers information, financial planners and even the shipping and packaging companies need the ENIs, which become very convenient to provide through these searches.

Again search by EIN is very crucial for operating with the federal contracting officers, and for operations in the state. The corporate investigators, the law enforcement agencies and even the compliance agents need the right EIN. Risk management also becomes very easy through identifying tax liens etc.